Spray Booth / Bake Oven - Standard

Model SDD, TDD
Compliance AS/NZ 4114, Parts 1 & 2
Width From 4200mm
Height From 2700mm
Length From 5000mm


The Ultimate in production & performance levels. This Spray Booth provides a controlled environment that operates consistently all year. This completely sealed, positive pressure system with Fine-Grade Intake Filter provides the perfect conditions for the ultimate finish.



Motor Sizes

Exhaust: From 2.2kW

Intake: From 5.5kW

Filter Type

Exhaust: Corrugated Card, HE+, Fibreglass

Intake: F3 Fibreglass, F5 Fibreglass

Compressed Air Consumption Min 10cfm
Control System

Fully Compliant. Includes, Pre-Purge & Post Purge Cycles, Hour Run Meter, Pressure Switch, Compressed Air Solenoid, Fault Alarm & Isolator.

Temperature Control: Painting - 20°-25°C; Baking - 35°-85°C

Bake Cycle Timer: 6 Minutes - 60 Hours

Air Flow

Positive Pressure

SDD - Min 0.5m/sec through workarea

TDD - Min 0.25m/sec through workarea

Power Source

3 Phase Electrical


Duty Cycle 100%
Maintenance Efficiency Factor Low
Supplied As Turnkey
Recommended Uses  Vehicle & Machinery Painting, High Gloss Timber Panels, Sheetmetal Panels, 2-Pack Polyurethane, Bake-coat Finishes, Military & Aviation Industries, Rail Car Applications
Suitable For Ultra-High Level Finish, Painting for High-Gloss Aerospace, Mil-spec Applications in any ambient temperature conditions. 
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